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28/07/2008 14:54

The Reasons behind to return an int from main()

On many operating systems, the value returned by main() is used to return an exit status to the environment. On Unix, MS-DOS, and Windows systems, the low eight bits of the value returned by main() is passed to the command shell or calling program. This is often used to...
28/07/2008 14:19

Puzzle 4 Answer

  Logic : 1. Read Three Numbers, 2. Find Out The Difference Between The First Two Numbers 3. Add Two Numbers Along With The Difference. 4. Divide The Sum By Two, This Will Gives The Bigger Number. 5. Now...
28/07/2008 14:18

Puzzle 4

  Write a C program to find the Biggest of three integers, without using any of the comparison operators.   Puzzle 4 Answer
28/07/2008 14:12

Puzzle 3 Answer

  Declared two structure pointers, both should point to Linked List. Travel the Linked List till the lost node using first pointer Increment the first pointer by 2 and increment the second pointer by 1. When the first pointer reaches the end node, the second pointer pointing the middle...
28/07/2008 14:05

Puzzle 3

Given a singly-linked, find out the mid point of a single linked list in a single parse of the list. Assume the program would be loaded in read-only memory, so no manipulation of the list is allowed.     Puzzle 3 Answer
06/06/2008 15:48

Puzzle 2 Answer

  Here I gave the solution to print up to 50. if u want to make this program to print N integers you have to initialize the array Numbers with 1 to 32767.   #include <stdio.h> #include<string.h> void main() { int Input; ...
06/06/2008 15:45

Puzzle 1 Answer

if (!printf(“Hello”))
06/06/2008 15:32

Puzzle 2

    Write a C program that will print 1 to N, one line each, on the screen (stdout) where N is an int variable. " Should not use while, for, do-while loops, goto statement, setjmp (), longjmp (), recursion, if, if-else, assert (), switch (), goto, continue statement and not use N prinf ()...
06/06/2008 15:24

Puzzle 1

1.What's the "condition" so that the following code snippet prints both HelloWorld ! if "condition" printf("Hello"); else printf("World"); Puzzle 1 Answer  
06/06/2008 13:46

Naming the variable is important

  We must take special care while naming the variable else it will lead to mystification. Let us consider the following two code snippets Code 1: int main() { int i=3,j=5,k=0; k = i*j; printf(“area of rectangle = %d”,k); return 0; } Code 2: int...© 2008 All rights reserved.

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